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About Us

CMiners is a company with its core focus on cryptocurrency mining. Our team of crypto mining experts have been involved in cryptocurrency mining since the beginning of Bitcoin and have many years experience in cryptocurrency markets, mining facility setup and crypto mining hardware.

At CMiners we are transparent at all times in terms of mining payouts, hashrate, number of workers and we inform our clients on how mining works, the complex nature of mining and changing factors such as mining difficulty, cryptocurrency exchange rates, utility costs, hardware costs and more. At CMiners we believe that crypto mining is part of a complete digital economy with various factors influencing value and returns in crypto investments.

We provide crypto mining solutions in conjunction with various income streams from the digital economy and mining farm hosting to all kind of users, helping them to invest wisely in mining cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and many other Altcoins.

CMiners offers support for mining most cryptocurrencies, building, configuration and optimizing of GPU mining rigs, Asics miners, pool setup, hosting miners in our cost effective environmental friendly HashCube facilities.


CMiners crypto mining is powered by renewable electricity recovered from plastic waste. This technology can best be described as creating wealth from plastic waste. It further holds the potential of revolutionizing the process of crypto mining as we will see growth in the cryptocurrency markets.

CMiners sees the use of renewable energy as a source of electricity, not only reducing the electricity costs and grid power consumption but, it also eliminates the environmental footprint of crypto mining.

The result is in effect increased profits and a environmental friendly mining process free of power dilemma.

CMiners HashCube is a 30 cubic meter modular energy-efficient solution designed to capture and recycle the heat produced form crypto mining in a closed loop system. In the recycling process the heat is sold to Tonlo's modular agri-tech farmers, a profitable value add.

Environmentally friendly crypto mining

Compact modular units for crypto mining efficiency

Closed loop heat management system

Mining analytical software

Own firmware

Value added heat sales

Our Pools

We Have Developed custom pools to ensure optimal mining

3rd Party Hosting

CMiners offers flexible third party crypto mining hosting contracts. Our hosting facilities vary from single crypto mining machines to corporate offerings of entire HashCubes.

Our hosting clients retains full ownership of their crypto mining equipment at all times.

In terms of our mining sites we can say we are connected to the fastest fiber optic providers offered in the country. This is not only a great asset for crypto mining and its ping speed requirements but, our clients also have full access to their mining equipment via a VLAN network.

We also provide our clients access to a web interface where they can monitor temperatures, hashrates, and change pool settings on the fly.

Our facilities are at secure locations with restricted access, CCTVs, and motion detectors.

We offer friendly support staff via email and phone in the event of crypto miners that encounters an issue or simply for some advice.

All equipment, while it is under our management and hosted at our facilities is insured for its full value.

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We will be happy to assist you with any question about Cminers. Our representatives speak English, French, German, Russian, Slovak, Czech, Dutch and Afrikaans.


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